Flat Glass Trailers

The Glass Racking Company manufacture flat glass trailers to suit all requirements.

Our range spans small covered glass trailers to large fully enclosed glass semi-trailers.

All our trailers are designed to be as low as possible to improve handling and reduce drag, and feature our
own lightweight glass securing systems.

Call or 
us to discuss your company's requirements.

Shown here are two of our 12M long glass trailers featuring a fully covered glass rack with a
Glide-Top opening roof system to allow for crane loading from above. These Semi trailers feature a super
low floor height of only 700mm. All large glass trailers are manufactured on air suspension systems

Our small covered glass trailers are designed for the contractors that need extra space to transport glass and equipment to and from sites. These trailers are designed and built to suit your needs, both in length and height.

The trailers feature external glass frails with our secure strap poles and the rear can be a ramp or hinged doors.

Click here to view and read our product information sheets on our glass transport trailers.

Triple Axle Semi Glass Trailer

 Semi Glass Trailer

 Jumbo Glass Transport Trailer

 12M Long Tri axle Glass carrying Trailer

11M Long Tandem axle trailer with Glass trolley
transport system 

  6.5M Long Jumbo Glass Trailer with Internal
Load glass racks and full air suspension system

 Covered Glass Trailer

Covered Glass Trailer 

 3M Covered Glass Trailer

 3M Long small glass Trailer,
 with a full curtain system.

3.5M Small Glass Trailer with fold down
 loading ramp and with a full curtain system

 3.5M Small Glass trailer with fold down load
ramp and Secure Strap Glass retaining poles

 Solid sided Crane trailer


Site and Crawler Crane trailer 

 3.7M Long Solid sided Crawler crane trailer

 Small Covered Glass Carrier Trailer

 Site and Crane trailer with doors and loading ramps