KS600 Offroad Site Robot.

The KS600 Offroad site robot is designed for lifting, carrying, and manipulating glass and window items of up to 600kgs on site or within factories. The Offroad wheels assist with navigating uneven ground.

The KS600 Offroad is usually supplied with the optional articulated joint to assist with fine manipulation of the lifted items.

The Glass Racking Company sources the KS600 Offroad from K Schulten in Germany and adds locally manufactured counter weights and componentry to suit the New Zealand market and the specific needs of each client. Our experience in the glass and window industries in New Zealand assist our clients to get the best from their investments in robot technology. We also meet with KS Schulten bi-annually and have continual dialogue to ensure information sharing. This relationship has been in place since 2003. 

KS600 Offroad
KS600 Offroad
KS600 Offroad glass robot
KS600 Offroad  KS600 unloading glass load KS600 Offroad on frozen
swimming pool
KS600 Offroad horizontal lift  KS600 Offroad      
 KS600 Offroad horizontal
lift off a stac
 KS600 Offroad    
 KS600 Offroad      
KS600 Offroad installing at 3M       
KS600 Offroad dimensional drawings
KS600 Offroad articulated joint dimensional drawings
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Click to view Dimensional drawings
with articulated

KS600 Offroad load chart
KS600 Offroad articulated joint load chart
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with articulated joint