Flat Glass Cutting and Air Floatation Flat Glass Transfer Tables.

Our flat glass cutting and flat glass transfer tables are designed to meet your factory needs.

Our range includes glass cutting and glass transfer tables to suit both your glass requirements and factory size with tables ranging from manual tilt though to fully self-contained tilt and air float options.

Air floatation options can be operated from table-mounted buttons, foot controls and or remote control handsets.  

The tables can be provided with single or multiple breaker bars and fully adjustable lock down feet.

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Manual Tilt glass Cutting table 

 Tilt Glass Cutting table

 Flat Glass cutting table

Tilted Flat glass cutting table 

Glass cutting table with load arms 

78"x 118"Manual Tilt
Glass Cutting table

78"x 118"Manual tilt
Table shown in tilt mode

Full air floatation Glass cutting table
These can be manufactured to suit all
sizes of flat glass 

Full hydraulic tilt Glass cutting
table shown in the tilted mode 

Air Floatation Glass cutting and
glass transfer table with hydraulic
load and unloading arms 


Glass ball transfer table 

 Air tilt ball transfer table

Jumbo Glass cutting Table 

Flat Glass Cutting Table with Free falls 

 Manual tilt glass working table

Fixed Ball Glass transfer table 

Air tilt ball transfer table 

Jumbo Glass cutting table 

Glass cutting table with free falls 

Manual tilt Glass working table