Protection Products

Protect your windows from costly rework and damage.

Our quality protection products have been developed to reduce the rework and damage that not only cost down time, but reduces your company profits.

Our ProTop has been design to replace old worn carpet from all of your benches and trestles, this product is sold in cut lengths as required.

The Profoams are a co-polymer product design for 3/4" to 1 1/4" reveals. These foams are a long lasting product and designed to be reused many times.

Contact us to talk through your factory and transport systems to see how our protection products can save your products and increase the bottom line of your company.

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 Window Reveal foam


 Trestle topper


Window Reveal foams and foam poles 


 Foam Window retention pole


Window Protection Foam 


Window Trestle Topper 


Window Protection system 


Foam Retention Pole